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WELCOME!  We are so excited to see you at Waack To The Future July 2019.  This year we have a special treat for you.. 2 CATEGORIES!   


THE JAZZ ERA 2 on 2 Red Hot Jazz Waacking Battle : Grab a partner and start swinging!  Combos & commandos are not required but will gain extra points if they are on point! 


DRESS: Give us a Jazzy look from any era of jazz you choose be it the flapper style of the 20's or the sleek fosse style of the 70's.  A selection of music for this category will be provided 3 month prior to the event.  

WAACK TO AFRICA 1 on 1 - Waackanda 7 to smoke.  You will dance to classic Disco throughout the prelims.  The top 7 contestants will enter the 7 to smoke round to the sounds of African Drums. 

Dress : African with a twist


Follow the instructions below to register and we will see you July 28!  GOOD LUCK! #Waacktothefuture 

STEP 1: Purchase tickets 

STEP 2: Send an email to 

State your Real Name, Dance Name, Country of Origin, Instagram Handel. 



Here is your music.  You should study the selected duration from each song below. 

You never know which one the DJ might pick for you.   Have fun... now do your HOMEWAACK!  

You can also view this playlist on Youtube here :

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