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FWD also serves as educators in the waacking community and mentors to students of The Waack Dancers Training program. Furthermore, the company is committed to community outreach within LGBTQ+ spaces, utilizing waacking as a medium to empower and inspire individuals within the community. The training program offered by FWD is based on the methodology of the late Tyrone Proctor, a Soul Train legend and founding member of The 'Outrageous' Waack Dancers.

The Fabulous Waack Dancers made their debut performance at the prestigious Works & Process Uptown Dance Festival at The Guggenheim Museum. Through waacking, FWD members are able to express their creativity, celebrate their uniqueness, and glorify their individuality. The company aims to promote the art of waacking and its significance within the LGBTQ+ community.

 The Fabulous Waack Dancers (FWD) is a New York City-based dance company that is dedicated to preserving the art form, history, and legacy of waacking. Waacking is a dance style that originated in the gay club scene of the 1970s and has since evolved to become a recognized dance style worldwide. FWD was founded and is directed by the global waacking ambassador, Princess Lockerooo. The company is dedicated to honoring the inspirations of Waacking in Hollywood films, disco, and 70's gay club culture.


Waacking is the physical embodiment of a person’s absolute truth, performed in perfect synchronicity with the music.




Harold O'Neal is a prolific pianist, composer, and producer. (The New York Times, Forbes, and NPR, Pixar's  Soul. U2, George Clooney, Disney.
Harold has facilitated creativity for top organizations such
as NASA JPL, Google, and the United Nations Ambassadors. With a profound passion and
expertise, he creates impactful moments that leave a lasting impression on audiences around
the world.

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Harold O'Neal 



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