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Waacking is the physical embodiment of a person’s absolute truth, performed in perfect synchronicity with the music. 

The Fabulous Waack Dancers (FWD) is a New York City-based dance company that is dedicated to preserving the art form, history, and legacy of waacking. Waacking is a dance style that originated in the gay club scene of the 1970s and has since evolved to become a recognized dance style worldwide. FWD was founded and is directed by the global waacking ambassador, Princess Lockerooo. The company is dedicated to honoring the inspirations of Waacking in Hollywood films, disco, and 70's gay club culture.

FWD also serves as educators in the waacking community and mentors to students of The Waack Dancers Training program. Furthermore, the company is committed to community outreach within LGBTQ+ spaces, utilizing waacking as a medium to empower and inspire individuals within the community. The training program offered by FWD is based on the methodology of the late Tyrone Proctor, a Soul Train legend and founding member of The 'Outrageous' Waack Dancers.

The Fabulous Waack Dancers made their debut performance at the prestigious Works & Process Uptown Dance Festival at The Guggenheim Museum. Through waacking, FWD members are able to express their creativity, celebrate their uniqueness, and glorify their individuality. The company aims to promote the art of waacking and its significance within the LGBTQ+ community.


Princess Lockerooo is a Bessie award-winning choreographer, global ambassador for the dance style Waacking, and an accomplished leader in the field of dance. She has spread Waacking to over 27 countries, utilizing it as a tool to build communities and promote self-love. Her work has been featured on television platforms such as "So You Think You Can Dance?" and "America's Got Talent," and she has worked with top pop artists such as Madonna, Jody Watley and Icona Pop. She is also a philanthropist and LGBTQ rights activist, who collaborates with and raises funds for various organizations.

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Samara Cohen, founder

Shar (ALUR) is a member of Ladies of Hip Hop L.I.T. and Fabulous Waack Dancers, Alur has performed at Lincoln Center, NYBG, GMHC, The Guggenheim, and has choreographed for Ryan Leslie. Waacking is so special to her as it is a culture that expects you to be unapologetically yourself.  Her gratitude for the way this culture has changed her life is immeasurable. 

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Shar Adrias

Assistant choreographer

Tyrone Bevans is dancer, choreographer, Illustrator and printmaker. He is currently dancing for The Fabulous Waack Dancers and Joya Powell’s Movement of the people. In the past Tyrone has performed and collaborated with artists such as Christal Brown, Chafin Seymour, Maya Orchin, Vessels, FunkanometryNY, and Karla Garcia. For Tyrone Waacking is the key to fantasy, play and personal freedom.

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Tyrone Bevans

Assistant choreographer



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Alice is a movement and audiovisual artist from Spain, where she performed with ComUnity Danza, directed by Ainara Prieto.  After completing the Peridance Certificate Program she has performed at NYBG, GMHC, NYC Dance Parade, and is a core member of Sun Kim Dance Theatre and The Fabulous Waack Dancers. Currently she is the Lead Video Technician at Blue Man Group.


Alicia Castro

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Ash Johnson has performed twice in ACDA’s top 10 works and ACDFA Nationals in the Kennedy Center. Accolades include: BFA in Dance at Temple University, two-time recipient of the Frances Bowden Award, scholarships for Joffrey School of Ballet, DCNS Dance, and Mason Gross School of the Arts summer intensives. Previous member of Philadanco 2 and Eleone II. 

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Ashley Johnson



Zenta (Euijin Kang) is from South Korea, specializes in waacking, voguing & Heels choreography. She taught kpop artists and danced with Peggy gou and Karencici. She worked with brands like Sennheiser and Dolce-Gusto, and has won international dance battles.

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Euijin Kang


Alexandra Genevieve “Allie G” Carter trained at Mason Gross School of the Art & theTrinity Laban Conservatoire of Music and Dance (UK). She has performed at The Guggenheim, 3 Dollar Bill, The Stonewall Inn, with Qinmin Liu (Ural Industrial Biennale- Russia), T Lang Dance (GA), & GAWZ (UK). She is inspired by her multiracial Identity, metaphysics, alchemy, &  nature.

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Alexandra G. Carter


J. Bouey is a multi-disciplinary dance artist creating their own original dance projects, hosting The Dance Union Podcast, and currently collaborating with nia love.


For J., waacking is a practice of liberation where imagination is embodied to dismantle oppression.

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J. Bouey


Born in Italy, Giorgia Vitali trained at Joffrey Ballet & Peridance..

She performed works by Margo Sappington, Kevin Wynn, Francesca Harper, Archie

Burnett, Candace Brown, Kim Holmes, Dionna PridGeon, Karen Arceneaux, Ephrat

Asherie, Shirlene Quigley, & presented original work at NYFW and IDACO. Credits: Film: "Waiting in the Wings: Still Waiting” "Hype Williams Video" “Mystic India”, DeFunes Dance, Kalamandir Dance Company, Ajna Dance Company and Fabulous Waack Dancers. She’s a certified Bollywaack teacher and teaches Waacking at] PMT House of Dance.

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Giorgia Vitali


Jayson P. Smith is an interdisciplinary artist, writer, educator, and curator from the Bronx. Their work has received support from NYFA & The Poetry Project, among others. Recent performances include Center for Performance Research, Miriam Gallery, and The Guggenheim. Find them in Brooklyn or at

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Jayson P. Smith


Corvette is a NYC dancer, drag queen & fashion deigner. She creates pop up performances throughout NYC streets & clubs. Waacking allows you to become possessed by the disco Gods and transcend those around you to a groovier vibe through movement and energy.

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Daeun (Onjay) Cho was born in South Korea, specializing in Waacking, House  & freestyle dance. She trained at Peridance Capizio center in NYC and is a top competitor in international dance battles. She is a passionate and skilled choreographer and is excited to be performing with The Fabulous Waack Dancers.

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Daeun Cho


Sampantha is a multifaceted dancer whose work is inspired music. She trained with various street dance pioneers, performed with Breaking Barriers (Denver, CO), Versa Style Festival LA, and various musical artists. Her work has been commissioned by the Museum of Contemporary Art (Denver). “Waacking gives me permission to feel all that I am and be free in my essence”

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Samatha Weese



Princess Lockerooo (2).png

The Waack Dancers Training Program is a comprehensive curriculum that is specifically designed to develop professional waack dancers. The program incorporates a thorough exploration of the history and origins of waacking as a key component of the syllabus. To enhance the training experience, weekly homework assignments and challenges are provided to encourage ongoing practice and development outside of class. Additionally, students will be required to complete assignments and quizzes to prepare for their midterm and final evaluations.


The program emphasizes the development of fundamental waacking techniques through a series of focused exercises. Repetitive patterns, poses, and combinations that move across the floor will be used to build endurance, strength, and muscle memory. Through this process, students will gain a deep understanding of the mechanics of basic waacking techniques, allowing them to create their own patterns with confidence.


An in-depth study of the historical background of Waacking is integrated into the curriculum. Students will learn about the inspirations and origins of the dance, the social climate of the time, and the people who created and pioneered the dance through the 1970s, 1980s, and 2000s. Historical examples will be provided through clips of "Soul Train," "The Outrageous Waack Dancers," "Tyrone Proctor," and other relevant sources.


The program provides a new approach to music analysis and an understanding of how to recognize and anticipate instrumental patterns in music. Students will learn to understand and interpret the music rhythmically and emotionally to become the living embodiment of the music, all the while applying their own natural abilities. This training will give students the skills to interpret music while freestyling and react spontaneously, using creative and honest movement to illustrate what they hear.



Theatrical exercises will teach students how to tell a story while freestyling, making their dancing entertaining and captivating. The freestyle aspect of Waacking explores the development of each individual's physical capabilities within the dance. Students will learn how to illustrate emotions, embody characters, and communicate through their movements, all the while being a precise visual representation of the music.


Waacking is a journey of self-discovery. To waack, one must have confidence. Through this dance, transformation is inevitable. The training program aims to empower students to develop their own unique style and to express themselves with confidence and authenticity.



Through this training system, you will work your way up to becoming a professional. After 16 weeks you will have the opportunity to graduate to the next level of training.  If training sessions or homework assignments are missed, graduation might not be possible. Once you have completed the Rhinestone level, you will have a chance to be considered for the company and become a Fabulous Waack Dancer.

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