The worlds number-one online Waacking training program. 





PART 1 (Basic Arms Technique)

  • Breakdown

    • Hand & elbow placement

    • Body posture & Momentum

    • Wrist & Shoulder flexibility

    • Common mistakes

  • Warm up

    • Arm stretches

    • Wrist twirls

    • Fully extended rolls 

    • Rebounds

  • Exercises

    • Basic slow/fast
    • Right/left/center slow / fast

    • Overheads


PART 2 (Lines)

  • Breakdown

    • Lengthening lines   

    • Using power

    • Horizontal linear rolls

    • Basic + lines

  • Warmup

    • Lines (side, middle, side, down)

    • Holding linear positions for 8 counts

    • Horizontal line + overhead

  • Exercise

    • Side middle side down (R, L, Both)

    • Basic + lines (R, L, Both)

    • Overhead to diagonal (R, L)


PART 3 (Combination)

  • Basic Arm Combo

    • P1 Basic R,L - basic alternate

    • P2 Lines - Lines + overhead

    • P3 basic horizontal basic down 

    • P4 Horizontal rolls 


Homewaack Assignment




WAACKINGCLASS is the first ever complete online training program for Waacking.  This special course teaches technique from beginning to end thoroughly breaking down basic, int & advanced Waacking movements.  Each Volume is complete with 6 different parts including slow and details breakdowns of each movement, warmup exercises to improve stamina and ability, practice drills to increase speed, combinations, and homework.   Following this course will guarantee immediate improvements.   


My goal in designing this program was to give each student, no matter their level the opportunity to have fun and move at their own pace.


So how does this work exactly? 


For example, an absolute beginner might want to follow the breakdown and warm up for a while until their body really begins to understand the proper placement and movement.  When they are ready, they can move on to the first exercise.  They will have the option to practice the exercise at a slow pace until it feels good in their body. 


A slightly more advanced student might only need to review the break down once or twice and then move on to the exercises.  If the exercise feels comfortable they can challenge themselves with a faster tempo and get an incredible workout.


It's not about rushing through this program.  It's about practicing diligently and perfecting your technique.  


With each Volume the level increases, however slightly more advanced dancers can certainly benefit from starting with Volume 1 and working their way to the top! 






  • Break Down

    • Diagonal Overhead

    • Timing/singles, doubles

    • Elbow position &Hand placement

    • Basic alternate

  • Warm up

    • Overhead diagonal (slow/fast)
    • Horizontal swings

    • Alternating basic slow

  • Exercise

    • Overhead - half time / double time / 2x double

    • Alternate basic (halftime / double time)

    • Overhead double/reverse



  • Lines Breakdown

    • Horizontal lines to vertical lines

    • Around the world lines

    • Basic + line

  • Lines Warmup

    • Active stretching/swings  

    • Hold ATW lines for 8 counts

  • Lines exercise

    • ATW fast

    • One Waack one line

    • Pose line drill hand behind head) (3 counts)



  • AdvBeg Arm Combo

    • P1 Crossovers / double 2x

    • P2 Crossover line, double 2X

    • P3 Basic + Line drill

    • P4 Overheads, overhead / alternate basic


Homewaack Assignment 



My greatest skill as an instructor is knowing how to bring out the best in each individual.  No matter your level or experience I can teach you how to move with confidence, connect to your power and bring out the diva within.


My methods are simple, practical and they work!  Repetition and muscle memory are wonderful tools which I rely on throughout  Connecting to yourself is where all the magic happens.  When we trust ourselves and feel like we know what we are doing we can move without hesitation or doubt.  I call this space the super zone.    .   

VOL 3. Int/Adv

Arm Drills



VOL 4. Basic




VOL 5. Posing / Adv Moves